The Peoples Party 

"A Future for the Family"

Welcome to the home page of the Peoples Party. We are a new and eager party whose primary goal is to innovate existing state government policies and programs to create a better future for the families of Wisconsin.

We also aim to make Wisconsin a leading state in technological innovation, education, business, and social justice. With that in mind, we proudly introduce our candidate, Dennis Fehr, for the 2014 Wisconsin governor race!  Listed below is our five point plan that will get us there:

Our 5 point plan!

  1. Smart Government
  2. A Simple Tax Code
  3. Marijuana Legalization
  4. Consider Revising the Drinking Age
  5. Judicial System Reform

Visit our specific reference pages for more information on these points so we can further explain, with your support, how we can tackle these massive government issues. We are excited that you have taken this opportunity to learn more about the Peoples Party. Together, we will help the people of Wisconsin and their families!

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